Burning Down the House

I am always amazed by the power of light and what humans can achieve with it. Light is rarely questioned – it simply is. From the warm glow of sunrise to the dying blue of sunset, light can alter our emotional state and send us deep into our memories. Light gave us the Photograph, and more recently rendered the first image of a Black Hole, some 5,000 light years into space.

Today was no exception. I came home, went to the bathroom and it smelled like burning paper and I saw smoke floating upwards. On closer inspection I saw the straw basket had a massive burnt hole through the middle of it. I looked across and saw my wife’s make up mirror (with its convex lens) concentrating a beam of light at just the right angle. Fortunately I found it before it spread !

We’re all gifted with moments of clarity now and then and it makes me grateful that we live in a universe of infinitesimally small wonders such as visible light. Now I need to buy a new basket.

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