Get a Haircut and get a Real Job

Westfest 2015, Auckland (Photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

In 2003 my friend Ross and I formed a band called Trial By Fire and we played heavy metal music. We played clubs all over Auckland and in 2006 we toured the country with a band called Human. By the end of that year we had split up.

The excitement we got from playing on stage, feeling the energy from the crowd, and seeing the hordes of people mosh to the music we wrote in our bedrooms. We were 20 nothing, and it was a moment in time we would never have again.

While Ross still plays in bands, I took a different direction – Photography. I spent many years practicing the craft, and I still do to this day. From Studio lighting to Documentary, I love the duality of the medium, its spontaneity and control.

We are all told we have to have a passion, and if we don’t then I guess we need to find it. I don’t know if I agree with that. I think passion finds us when we’re discovering life.

Do you have a passion ?

If you don’t that’s OK. Just go out into the world and make yourself useful. Passion will find you when you’re not looking for it.

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