Ed Phillips, Larger than Life

Ed, Linda, and myself (in the middle), at Matthews HQ in Burbank, California, 2017.

My heart sunk this morning as I received the news that Ed Phillips had passed away.

I met Ed in 2017 on a trip to the USA. The moment I shook his hand I felt as though I had known him my entire life. He had such a tremendous energy that it lifted the whole room. His company, Matthews Studio Equipment, is the most reputable name in backstage Hollywood ! If you have watched any major film made in the past 4 decades, you will know the impact that Ed’s company has had. In my previous job I was in charge of sales for Matthews equipment in New Zealand, and the products sold themselves.

Ed was a giver.

The man gave and gave, and never expected anything in return. He spread kindness and generosity, and added tremendous value for others in doing so. He was grateful for what he had and the people around him in his life, as I ‘m sure everyone was of him. His focus was on his customers and his crew and he created a real family, a real culture at Matthews.

Innovator, motivator, and genuine as hell.

Ed will be sorely missed.

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