Ancient Intuition

Dance Ritual, Amantaní – 2008 (Photo Credit: Christian Espinoza)

Our ancestors were incredibly intuitive, able to rely on their senses for survival. The Polynesian people navigated through the Pacific to explore new frontiers and they did it by listening to the ocean. This leads me to ask how.

Experiences in the workplace would sooner make you believe that knowledge and facts are what guide us to reach outcomes and see results. That’s not entirely incorrect, although it can be said that intuition (call it gut feel, or a vibe) will also play a factor in decision making. But is intuition quantifiable ? Something which is inherently present within us, but few of us actively tune in to it.

After studying World Archeology at the University of Auckland, I set off on a three month trip through the Americas. Making my way from Miami to Peru, largely by land, I recall a night I spent on the island of Amantaní, Peru. Nestled deep within Lake Titicaca, the Quechua speaking people of Amantaní live isolated from the mainland of Peru and rely on local agriculture and farming. As a guest of a local family on the island, I helped prepare dinner and I participated in a fire dance ritual (as illustrated vaguely in the photo above). It was a unique experience for me, but one that I wouldn’t forget easily. The local Amantaní , untouched by technology, seemed to flow without spoken words and with guided certainty.

Technology has given us highly efficient tools to help us navigate in our modern world, but are we more advanced than our wayfinding ancestors ?

Are you lost without your phone, or does it actually set you free ?

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