Ride this Train

Ethan and Charli (Photo Credit: Christian Espinoza)

Ride this train with me, on a journey into the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cybernetics. Along the way we pass major milestones in technological advances. From palm pilots to virtual assistants, cryptocurrencies replacing cash, automation replacing personnel. It’s a fast ride and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

As we ride into the age of Artificial Consciousness, are we in fear of losing touch with our own humanity ? In order to model synthetic cognition we must have an understanding of our own mortality.

Compassion, patience, and temperance are virtues we may one day see in machines, but I doubt I’ll live to see when that day comes.

Until then we ride this train into the distance and hope for humanity’s sake we reach the place we’re heading. We claim this new frontier for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

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