Finding your Light

Ethan reading (Photo Credit: Christian Espinoza)

The young boy approached his father late one Summer evening, he was seeking guidance. His father, a poor man with basic education, was busy in the fields but he placed his tools down and stopped to listen to what his son had to say. ‘Father’ the boy asked, ‘how will I know what I should do with my life?’ Without hesitation or pause, his father replied ‘You won’t my son, you just won’t’ and he continued as he was, working in the fields.

Confused and angry, the boy packed his things and headed off on his own. He made a life in another town. He met a woman whom he would marry and they set off to a new country to raise their kids together, a boy and two girls. He found work in a factory floor, but proved himself and in time he became the manager of that factory. Before long, he opened several new factories and he didn’t need to worry about money anymore.

As years passed, the boy, now an adult, would never forget what his Father told him. It haunted him, and he was still confused and angry despite his riches. He needed his guidance again. The young man went back home to find his father.

His father, now an old man in his 80’s, saw his son return and his eyes filled with tears. His son turned to his father and asked him ‘Why did you dismiss me all those years ago, and not give me guidance?’ His father looked at his son dead in the eye and this time he paused before responding, ‘My son, no man will ever know what they should do with their life until it’s nearly over, and I needed you to figure it out for yourself.’ His son looked to him and cried, knowing that his father was right all along.

As the sun went down, the old man held his weeping son. ‘Be proud of the life you have made, my son, and the people you have touched along the way.’

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