Come one, Come all !

New Orleans 2017 (Photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

How do you gain attention ? What do you once you have gained the attention ?

There is something to be said about seeking attention in the age of social media. Arguably it has become more difficult to make someone turn away from their phone and cast their eyes on whatever it is that you have to say or show. There needs to be some serious mastery involved in convincing and alluring someone to do that. So we ask ourselves, what is our marketing strategy ? What is our PR strategy ?

P.T Barnum, of Barnum and Bailey Circus infamy, was a shrewd business man and pioneer ‘ad man’ in the 19th century. He would make extraordinary claims, drum up curiosity and wonder, and would sink top dollar into his advertising. But he delivered every time. We can’t believe the hype if it falls flat on delivery one time too many.

Expectations need to be met, or preferably, exceeded.

If my ‘puffing’ was more persistent, my advertising more audacious, my posters more glaring, my pictures more exaggerated, my flags more patriotic and my transparencies more brilliant than they would have been under the management of my neighbours, it was not because I had less scruple than they but more energy, far more ingenuity and a better foundation for such promises “

– P.T Barnum

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