In the Zone

In-N-Out Burger, Hollywood 2017 (Photo Credit: Christian Espinoza)

The measure of a great team is how effective they can work as a whole.

If a team has put everything they have on that field, or that court, or that boardroom, then they have won. The competition is always in your mind first, then your opponent’s.

Great coaches like Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson knew how to cultivate a successful team. They didn’t focus solely on points or plays, they thought bigger than that. Compassion, spirit, and accountability became values to live by. A good coach will challenge you and your belief in yourself.

On this day in March 2017 at ‘In-N-Out Burger’, the lines were massive and the place was full. But people were walking out happy and fast. As I observed the front counter and the kitchen floor, I noticed something which every great team develops in their game: Flow.

Develop flow, and reach a whole new level of happiness.

obsessing about winning is a loser’s game: The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome.”

– Phil Jackson

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