A Working Introduction

Hollywood Hills 2017 (Photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

As she put down the phone I knew my life was over. I had less than 1 hour to get out of town if I was to make it at all. This was no time to think. I grabbed my car keys, my camels, and didn’t look back. It was high stakes after all, and illegal, but did I know it would end up like this ? Before it happened I felt something hit me, like snow flakes coming down except it was the middle of Summer. Go figure. I couldn’t understand it then but it would all become clear to me.

Twenty years ago, on the night of July 8th, 1999, the day I was shot and killed. But hey, it didn’t start this way, not even close. It all began with a knock at the door and a loud, barking dog.

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