In the Morning

Sunrise, Whangarei Heads 2017 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

The glow of the sun kisses the sky good morning. The past fades away.

When I was 13 years old, I would film the sunrise nearly every morning during Summer and Spring. When I had enough footage, I cut it all up to make a video montage with some classical guitar that I had recorded on a crappy tape recorder. This was my Vitamic C for a rainy day, and I watched it whenever I needed a boost.

I dream of going into outer space one day and look at the Earth from above. The lonely planet with hints of blue, green and white. That is all life! The good, the bad, and the ugly.

No matter what morning means to you, it could be toast-a-popping, coffee-a-brewing, or newspaper-a-reading! It’s a refresh, a reset, a new dawn, a new beginning, a chance to experience another day on this earth. We get to live here.

When you’re feeling like you need a boost you can try this:

Put your phone away, and watch the sunrise. If you live by the sea, go there, roll up your jeans and get your feet wet. If you live by a mountain, go and climb that mountain and look down.

Find the sunrise in your life.

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