Morning Pages

Ponsonby Auckland, NZ 2011 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

“Motion creates Emotion”

– Tony Robbins

I have recently started to pick up my camera and shoot every morning, just around my neighborhood. No coffee, no paper, no email – just photos. The majority of these are throwaway frames (I shoot on film), but it’s not about the end result however, but the process. I recently read a book called The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, as it came highly recommended by my dear friend and mentor, Adrian Malloch. In the book there is a notion of the Morning Pages, which acts as a effective tool for curing a creative block. It’s like meditation for creatives, and it works by focusing your attention at such an integral time of the day in order to express everything that is on your mind, almost like a purge. It’s therapeutic, self caring, and life giving.

It can be an incredibly difficult task to put pen to paper, camera to subject, oil to canvas, but Motion creates Emotion and I truly believe it.

So get up, get out, and create a stream of consciousness through your morning pages. Then let it go. Do this over and over and you create a routine which will cure any creative slump you may have.

The essence is consistency.

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