Waiting for your Flight

Dallas Fort Worth, Texas Airport, 2017 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

You wait for your flight and expect it will arrive on time because you simply can’t wait forever, you need to get to your destination. What if, however, the plane never comes? What if suddenly as you’re tracking the arrival, it disappears off the board, or off your phone app? What do you do then?

Maybe you approach the help desk, but they tell you the same old story… it’s running later than usual but they will announce updates soon enough. So you wait a little longer, you may call a friend or your partner and express your frustration, but you keep waiting.

As the hours turn into days, and the days into weeks, you forget how much time is passed because you are preoccupied on other things while you wait. Maybe you meet up with somebody that you haven’t seen for a while, or you check your social media, or catch a movie at the lounge, or maybe all of these things at the same time. You lose track of time and eventually you forget you’re waiting at all.

Years go by, and your life has taken some shape. You have managed to secure some opportunities, make some new friends, develop some new habits, and ultimately grow into a life you didn’t expect, all while waiting for your flight.

Suddenly one day you hear the announcement. The flight you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived and will be boarding soon. You’re conflicted, you don’t know what to think, or how to feel about it, and you struggle to make sense of it all. After all these years you ask yourself, ‘am I still headed to the same place?’

Some things are out of our control, so we make the best of a challenging situation. In time we adapt, we grow, we change, and we refocus, but we always find a way to get where we need to go. Be patient, it will come.

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