During the filming of “Wait“, directed by Yamin Tun (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

Over the years, my nearly 14 year old son has been listening to me go on about a lot of things. Everything you can imagine, from patience to classic movies, to gaming and AI, we’ve likely talked about it. Most recently our discussions have been focused around managing stress.

Ethan is in his first year of high school and by and large he is adjusting really well, in fact much better than his mum and I had anticipated. However recently I have noticed Ethan begin to stress out while attempting to do his homework, and last night was no different.

He needed to answer several questions about what life was like in ancient Greece. I suggested he start with Google, but when his searches did not immediately yield the results he was looking for he began to get irate and frustrated, and I observed what was initially a quick and straightforward task devolve into a giant avalanche of stress and anxiety.

I stepped in to helped Ethan break down and re-frame his search questions and showed him how to skim read articles to find what he needed. I explained to him the importance of asking for help and guidance when necessary, instead of sinking in the quick sand hoping it will get better soon or gradually end on its own.

Personally when I needed help in the past I would rarely ask for it, opting instead to figure it out on my own. I now realize that’s not only a waste of time, but unnecessary in almost every case.

Let someone else help and guide you when you need it. It will help them as much as it will help you.

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