New Horizon

Llanganuco, Peru 2008 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

Let me get personal for a moment and ask you a series of questions.

What do you believe to be your most valuable commodity?

What drives your daily actions?

What is your biggest personal ROI?

Do you have a burning passion to change or improve your life for yourself or for someone else? Maybe for the rest of the world?

Are you happy where you are now?

Do you spend the majority of your time wondering what you’d rather be doing?

Do you believe there is a purpose for you being here, and are you fulfilling it now?

These questions aren’t leading in to a sales pitch, in case you were wondering. I don’t have the answers for you for a low, low price. I have recently been fascinated with my own answers just as much as other people’s. The notion that we are human beings, rather than humans doing was lost on me until now. We are not defined solely by what we do.

So ask yourself or someone you know these questions, maybe your own answers will surprise you.

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