Auckland City, NZ 2019 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

When I was thirteen, my teacher managed to unwittingly create the perfect environment for me to daydream.

Brother Anthony, an old, quiet yet stern man. He must have stood over 6 feet tall, and had a peculiar, often creepy omniscience about him. Like his contemporaries in the Marist Catholic Church, Brother Anthony was a devout man of the cloth and he took little sympathy on young boys who didn’t pull their weight in class.

We would kick off with prayer, and we could choose a person who we would like to pray for. Then we would swiftly move on to some task based work which would keep us busy until lunch time rolled around, however it was always the afternoon that I longed for. This was my golden hour, when the day began to quiet down to barely a whisper. I would use this time to escape.

Thus began our hour of SSR (Sustained Silent Reading), coupled with none other than a cassette tape of Sean Connery narrating the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (I will never forget Connery’s introduction to ‘the Brrrrasssss family‘, in his unforgiving Scottish accent). My imagination took me into another realm as I listened to the soft classical music and pretended to read. I was daydreaming with delight, and for that hour nothing else mattered. My escape showed me the future, it allowed me to imagine without limitations, I was free to be whomever and whatever I wanted to be.

Only recently have I gone back to dreaming, and it has opened up a new world of possibilities. It’s one of those rare life giving moments that we should all warm to. Dreams can create reality if you let them.

Below I have added none other than the same Sean Connery track that led me on my dreaming path. So feel free to play it and dream away yourself.

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