Ethan and Nathan, 2017 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

The times I hear Ethan laugh the hardest, is when he is with his friend Nathan (or Nate, as we call him).

These two have been thick as thieves since they were really little. From ice creams at the playground, to the school dance social, I have seen them grow up together.

This year Ethan and Nate started high school, except we enrolled Ethan into a different school than all the kids in his class, including Nate. So, the times they hang out are fewer and far between. Regardless of frequency, the minute they get together, out comes the hysterical laughing… and the mischief.

Most recently they’ve been doing these Missions. Essentially I drop them both off downtown, give them some cash, and they have to stay out until just before it gets dark, then they can come home. There are some basic ground rules that they repeat back to me for reassurance, but once they’re out of the car, the mission begins. They really love this, as they can see and do whatever they like, and without parental supervision.

I am always very glad that Ethan and Nate found each other. It’s been fun watching them grow up, and hopefully we get to see them experience more milestones together, and maybe enter into adulthood.

I think friends, like most everything else in life, should be about quality not quantity. Embrace your true friends, laugh hard with them, cry with them, but don’t forget them.