The Final Post

Karangahape Rd, Auckland 2019 (Photo Credit: Christian Espinoza)

Thank you.

For the past four and a half months, you’ve read my ramblings as I etched my thoughts on here, one post at a time.

Looking back at them I see this has been a practice in sharing and reflecting, which developed into a daily ritual. Posting the blog created structure amongst the empty space I was in. It was a voice I didn’t know I had.

Now I feel it is time to say goodbye. I am grateful for anyone who read my blog, took away from it, and I can say I enjoyed every minute of it.

Go well and kill it in the game 🙂

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

– Albert Einstein

We are Infinitely Small

Night over Doha, Qatar 2018 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

Discover the world.

Take chances, take risks.

Follow your instinct, trust yourself.

Create the environment for you to flourish.

Invite others to collaborate with you.

Laugh more and spend more time with friends.

Make time just for yourself.

All things you can find on a Hallmark greeting card, but maybe it’s all true. Try it and find out for yourself, and see if you’re life becomes more rewarding.

Give, give, give

Kaitaia, NZ 2010 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

I met with an old friend last night for dinner, we talked about our kids, work, and for the past couple of years he has been honing his chops as a stand up comic.

The thought of getting up in front of a live audience and delivering material that may or may not be funny is terrifying, yet he does this with a determined grin, guts, and fearlessness.

To him it’s not about the money or the reputation and he, like many other stand ups out there, has a career day job. I asked my friend what value he took from stand up comedy, and without hesitation he replied “being able to make other people laugh is everything to me”.

When you laugh you attract others to laugh with you, it’s like yawning. If you have a gift, share it with the people around you in your community and the rest of the world.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always

– Robin Williams


Amantani, Peru 2008 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

Where there is a wall, build a door.

When people seek shelter, share your roof.

When they are hungry, feed them,

If they are lonely, listen to them.

If it is cold, provide warmth.

When times are tough, come together.

If they are falling, help them up.

In times of despair, fill them with hope.

Be a gracious host to all people, and give without asking in return.