Life Project

Los Angeles 2017 (photo credit: Christian Espinoza)

What is the acceptance criteria of your life project?

Do you have prerequisites that need to be met? Is your success measurable?

How much analysis do you conduct before entering a life project?

Are you managing risk, time, and budgets?

What is the level and frequency of your communication with the stakeholders of your life?

If the project is derailing, are you prepared to scrap it if necessary, or do you hold on persistently?

Finally, do you workshop the lessons learned at the completion of a life project? Do you celebrate the wins?

We all manage this life as best as we know how to, and it is certain that we will meet issues at certain phases of it. How we manage and respond to these issues will influence the success or failures of our projects. If we let the feelings of stress overwhelm us, it will skew our decision making abilities. If we become consumed with the granular detail, we risk losing sight of the bigger picture.

Sometimes all we need is a break, a reset, a refresh, a chance to re-align our goals and objectives before sinking more effort and energy into a project that is going off course.

Ask yourself this: what value will I achieve in my life project?